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  1. Customer complaints will be responded to by phone within 24-hours of receiving a complaint.

  2. The customer shall be contacted directly by a Certified Professional or their Supervisor, depending on the nature of the complaint. Follow-up will not be left to administrative personnel.

  3. Issues of an emergency nature shall be responded to immediately. Emergency repairs must be made immediately to ensure the safety of the client and the home. Emergency issues may include, but are not limited to any of the following: no heat calls in cold weather, suspected CO in the home, backdrafting of heating and/or DHW appliances, water leaks and/or broken pipes, no-cooling calls in very hot weather particularly for elderly clients.

  4. Complaints shall be documented and included in the customer’s file, including: the nature of the complaint, the name of the person responding to the complaint, the resolution of the problem, copies of all written correspondence related to the issue, and the dates and times of all client contact relating to the issue.

  5. Follow up with complaints related to the quality of work, errors, omissions in construction or installation process and/or property damage shall include a site visit and inspection of the area in question. Photographs shall be taken of all areas identified in the complaint and kept on record in the client file.

  6. Correction of improperly installed materials and repair of damaged property shall be completed based on mutual agreement of the client as determined by mutual agreement prior to completing the repair. Repairs that are completed prior to obtaining client approval may not be billed to the client.

  7. All reasonable efforts will be made by the company to ensure a timely and fair resolution to all customers’ issues.

  8. In the unlikely event that a solution cannot be reached between contractor and the client, a standard arbitration process will be initiated. In an effort to avoid such an undesirable circumstance, the contractor will exhaust every reasonable measure to resolve the issue, including three attempts to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Policy

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